Cold, survived tramp

A mistake in an activity

Survival is a branch, which was created for these, who wanted to know about themselves, that they could get along in each conditions and for these, who wanted to encounter all conditions on their way to get know, to understand and to master Ė also for themselves.

Our trips to Bieszczady-Mountains are to give us the feeling of freedom and isolation from the crowds and civilisation, and also meeting all surprises, prepared by the nature. For not a long time I have taken also young learnersof survival art. (the youngest one attends the fourth class of grammar school), but this event is incredibile attractive for them. For the beginning we know that they are barely kids coming into the fierce world, and I was their protector, guide and expert of this world. What does it result? Well, my respossibility for everything, what can happen. I canít even tell my kids that they behaved unproperly, not wisely and fatally. I suppose that I should use my brain as their protector, guide and expert. There arenít only words or rethoric formulas, but very importent indicator of behaving for all guides. In my opinion, the learners are like one of an element of wild nature, so EVERYTHING can happen and I should take it into consideration. As I use my brain, so I try to be watchful and concentrated. I observe not only my kids, but also all conditions which accompany to them. Thatís why I conduct kids accross a street to omit an aggresive drunker. Thatís why I have forbided them any kind of activity when we are provocated Ė thry are to stand behind me, and only I have a law to solve this problem. For me itís very importent to look at their feelings and conflicts between them. A prolonging being hushed, a paleness of face, a grimace of suffering, and also a flash in an eye can testify to coming into the mind any wild idea, which can be wildly used in the life.

We canít, anyway, avoid a mistake. Because of that Iíd like to make an analysis of such mistake.

An analysis of the mistake